AAR’s capabilities in structural special inspection services as per requirements of the International Building Code (IBC) and local jurisdictional requirements includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete

  • Shotcrete

  • Structural Masonry

  • Structural Steel Erection, Welding & High Strength Bolting

  • Weld Non-Destructive Evaluation

  • Spray Applied Fire-Resistive Materials

  • Fire-Resistant Penetrations and Joints

  • Lateral Wood Framing

  • Cold Formed Steel Framing

  • Auger Cast Piling and Soldier Piling

  • Shoring Walls

  • Soil Nail and Tie-Back Grout Testing

  • Soil and Aggregate In-Place Compaction Density Testing

  • Asphalt (HMA) Compaction Density Testing

  • Proprietary Anchors - Epoxy & Mechanical Anchors